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    Environmental protection

    Phosphating liquid substitution product of JYT-308 nm no phosphorus transformation agent

    Main features:
    ①less dosage, low consumption, without heating, energy saving, low comprehensive cost;
    ②do not need to watch, no sediment, convenient operation, low labor intensity;
    ③no phosphate, does not contain harmful heavy metals, waste water treatment, environmental protection high efficiency;

    Surface treatment process before coating:
    Pre degreasing degreasing cleaning, JYT-308clean phosphorus transformation processing clean water washing, drying and painting.

    Business concern:
    ①nanometer phosphate free conversion agent without heating, energy consumption saving of about 40~50%;
    ②The nanometer phosphor conversion agent and traditional phosphating compared to consumption of about 10~20%;
    ③The nanometer phosphor conversion agent eliminates phosphating and passivation or because of nitrite caused by water pollution problems, reduce sewage discharge and sewage needs a large amount of medicament treatment caused economic losses, the new product processing costs in the original basis of reduced about 50~60%.


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